Diaphane advantages: Engaging and beautiful

Corporate Social Responsibility is a team sport. The organizations that do sustainable business successfully have one thing in common – everyone in the organization works towards the socially responsible success. Before you are successful, however, you need to make people excited about sustainability first. Making people excited comes from good communication. You have a story to tell. We give you the means to do it.

Enjoy a beautiful app

Diaphane’s founders have a lot of experience building and selling e-commerce software. In e-commerce, poor user experience will inevitably turn a great idea into a total flop.

Nowadays, users always compare the experience they get with their business applications with the state-of-the-art consumer app. Needless to say, they expect the same standards from both kinds of apps. The app must be consumer-oriented. It must offer easy data entry from any device, a streamlined interface that presents the right information at the right time, quick access to key functions and simple navigation. These factors combine to facilitate smooth workflows and exceptional productivity, and Diaphane has them all.

Engage your stakeholders

Non-financial reporting is a conversation. It is only authentic when every participant of the process can speak freely and listen to the other side. The way you frame this conversation is key.

Engage your stakeholders and let them speak up. Make sure they feel listened to. You need to listen to their feedback and take into account their priorities to properly align your business activity.


Non-financial reporting is a conversation. It is only authentic when every participant of the reporting process can speak freely and listen to the other side

Personalize your communication

Use the collected data optimally for each group of stakeholders. By using the GRI report, assure your shareholders that the investment in the company is secure. Publish infographics to build your customer awareness. Promote the corporate culture among employees to make them proud to work in your company and genuinely share the company’s values. Communicate information that is relevant to given stakeholders.


No one likes doing extra work – especially when they have not done anything similar to the new task in the past. Non-financial reporting might be a major headache for companies taking their first steps in this matter. What’s the best way to feel more confident? Doing the thing together! And making it fun.

Build your team’s competitive spirit. Get people excited about reporting and set good examples. And yes, toss some prizes in at the end to show to people that their efforts are recognized.