The team

Our team combines experience in building software for highly specialized purposes (e-commerce) and developing enterprise software with expertise in CSR consulting. By leveraging many different types of knowledge and skills, we can help you design your reporting process and offer you a tool your users will want to use.

Why do we do this?

Non-financial value determines the valuation of companies and the effectiveness of governments. In the end, it determines the quality of our lives. Measuring and communicating non-financial values is not easy. We need to create plausible stories, supported by facts and data, to let stakeholders compare organizations and make the right decisions.

At Diaphane, we have created a tool that will help you collect, aggregate and present data in an engaging way so that you can focus on telling your story.

Wojciech Głownia

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Responsible for the business development, channel partner management, developing the go-to market strategy and ensuring client satisfaction

Bartosz Niwiński

Board Member

Michał Kułakowski


Michał Bartmański

Business Operations Director

Krzysztof Molin

Business Operations Director

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