Oferta Diaphane Software

Solution which does not require explanation – that was our goal.

Easy to start

Our platform is available instantly. As delivered from the cloud you don’t need to worry about installation, implementation in your organization. Everything what you need to take care about is to create your organizational structure, set up the users and start to collect the data. Our platform provides you:

  • Ready to use GRI Standards or ESRS indicators and forms
  • Tool to create your own indicators
  • Clear, simple questions with additional help and clarification
  • Various roles for users with different responsibilities
  • Set of competencies allow you to differentiate user’s access within same organizational unit.

Modification simplicity

Do you need to change the scope of reporting during the process?
Do you need to assign new user or new organizational unit?
Change set of competencies for the user?
It is not a problem…

Diaphane Software allows you to modify organizational structure, user’s asignments or their competencies at any time.
All changes you make have immediate effect.


You don’t need to worry about long learning cycle. We have created our platform with intuitiveness in mind.

Intuitiveness reduces requirement of training and practice to few minutes.

Diaphane allows you to assign the users to the different roles – thanks to that they have rights in the system as they exactly need.

ESG Manager

  • Owner and project manager. It has full access to the platform and all it’s functions.
  • Defines list of important indicators and initiate the whole process
  • Creates and maintain the organizational structure and user’s assignments
  • Monitors progress of the process
  • Creates the reports from collected data and exports them

Unit Leader

  • Responsible for part of the organization he/she was assigned as leader.
  • Creates sub-units to his/her part of the organization and assigns the users
  • Grants/revokes competencies to the users
  • Verifies the data collected in his/her part of the organization


  • Delivers information required by answering questions using hints to each of them
  • May attach source documentation to each answer as a comment, link or document.
  • Can access to the questionnaires within organizational unit he/she is assigned to as long as his/her competencies are sufficient
  • Simplified view of the system allows to focus on delivering precise information

Designing the roles of users our main goal was transparency and intuitiveness.
They can use the tool without long-lasting trainings. Additional help is the manual with step-by-step instructions.