Diaphane is a dedicated system born out of real need and written by usability experts.

Yes, you can adjust generic tools to do the same job, but your mileage may vary.

Let us tell you how we can do better.

See how Diaphane compares with other tools.


If you use standard digital office tools to do non-financial reporting, you will inevitably have numerous versions of the same documents circulating at the same time. They are also likely to get lost in the process, which can cause substantial delays.

Tracking and storing files might be easier with Document Management System. But when data come from numerous sources within and outside the organization, would it not be even more straightforward if you could remind users about coming deadlines and automatically escalate the ones they have missed?

Custom made software can have it all, at least on paper.

Software creation is extremely time- and labor-consuming. By the time your busy CSR team finishes specifying requirements and your software vendor implements them… they will already be out of date.

Our team of experienced consultants and engineers has focused on doing one thing and one thing only: creating the most efficient CSR management tool on the market.

Modern digital technology unlocks economies of scale larger than ever before. We share the power of innovation but also keep the GRI content on our platform always up-to-date. It simply cannot be done better in isolation.

E-mail & Spreadsheets Document Management System Diaphane
Predict and react to delays in data collection  
Enforce data quality standards    
Track & manage KPI trends      
Built-in year-over-year comparisons      
Automatic data aggregation across locations, organizations & business processes      
Reporting standards managed by vendor      
Reporting process timeline with automatic escalations      
Audit trail      
End-to-end support: from stakeholder identification and aspect materiality to data collection and report publishing      
Interactions with external stakeholders