Corporate Carbon Footprint Calculator

In cooperation with Bureau Veritas we’re providing Corporate Carbon Footprint Calculator based on GHG Protocol.

It allows you to calculate carbon footprint in your organization in all 3 Scopes.
Built in emission factors which are updated by us on annual basis allowing you to focus on data collection only – the carbon footprint is calculated automatically.
On top of the system we’re providing consulting services helping you to identify your emission sources and configuring the platform accordingly.
Part of the system are ready-to-use forms with specific questions which are helping your team members to deliver precise information.

Corporate Carbon Footprint Calculator

Are you ready to manage your emissions?

Does your organization calculate and report carbon footprint on regular basis?
How challenging and time consuming is this for your organization?

Try out our Carbon Footprint Calculator. It helps calculate emissions in your organization and you supply chain step-by-step.

What do we offer:

  •  Web based software for emissions calculations
  •  Built-in GHG Protocol standard
  •  Instant availability of the calculator without any installation
  •  Professional support of our carbon footprint experts in identification all important emissions sources

Our goal was to create the solution which requires no explanation.

Comprehensive solution for every organization

Experience of Bureau Veritas experts combined with availability and flexibility of the tool allows you to manage your emissions on simple way and report your emissions according to GHG Protocol standard.


  • Your reports are GHG Protocol compliant
  • You can proactively manage your emissions
  • You always have access to latest emissions factors
  • You have full control on the process at every stage
  • Your organization is compliant with EU climate related directives