Flexible tool for your reports

Diaphane was developed with flexibility in mind. It is a business application, and the business user is in control. You can manage everything: the scope, users, structure, aspects, and questions. Leave the maintenance to us and focus on your reporting process.

Configure on your own

The configuration options depend on a given user’s role in the application – different users types will see different options. Configuring Diaphane does not require special skills or training. As long as you know what you want to achieve from the business perspective, building this into the tool is a piece of cake. It is our commitment that the application will adapt to your organization not the other way around. If you would like to have any part of the tool modified, you can always talk to us.

Adapt to changing standards

Reporting standards change over time – that is just the way it is. If you want to remain competitive, you need to be on top of them. Changes in reporting standards can easily ruin a custom-built tool or a workflow, and then you will have to develop it from scratch. It also means that you will have to train your reporters on how to use the tool again. On top of that, a new tool is likely to cause errors in data collection. What if you could outsource this burden? Diaphane Software constantly monitors reporting standards for any changes and implements them into the system. You just focus on producing your report.

Modify questions

Reporting standards contain aspect templates and indicators that are supposed to allow you to differentiate between businesses such as banks and manufacturing companies, but their granularity is limited. A furniture factory and tire plant will have very different processes, cause a different impact on the environment and use different terminologies in their communication. With Diaphane, you can easily modify the questions, reporting units and languages used.

Safely experiment with data collection and only modify the final report if experiment proves successful

Manage change

As data are being collected, the CSR Manager has a live preview of KPIs and their trends. The data allow the manager to take corrective actions and/or influence the management policies.

Multiple standards

Diaphane implements and maintains the most comprehensive of non-financial reporting standards: the GRI. The application is not limited only to GRI though. Any other standard can be implemented with (or without) our support because all form and report builders are accessible to the business user.

Flexibly decide what to collect and what to report

Upon collection, data are aggregated into an OLAP cube. The CSR manager is free to slice and dice it as need, in order to determine which dimensions should be presented in the final report. Moreover, introducing additional dimensions to the collected data (e.g. extending GRI forms to understand employment KPIs in relation to nationality) will not disrupt your default report. You can safely experiment with data collection and only modify the report if the experiment proves successful.

The data are yours

With Diaphane Software, you own the data. We will export them for you whenever you need, and we will also run a final export when your contract is over.